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Analysis of developments in EU capital flows in the global context (2nd report)

The purpose of our report is to provide a comprehensive overview of capital movements in Europe in a global context.

By: , , and Date: January 28, 2016 European Macroeconomics & Governance Tags & Topics

Free movement of capital, which is one of the four fundamental economic freedoms of the European Union, can enhance welfare if it leads to better allocation of financial and productive resources. However, it can also be a source of vulnerability, with far-reaching spillovers. Monitoring and assessing capital flows is therefore crucial for policymakers, market participants and analysts.

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Past Event

Diversifying funding for growth in transition countries

Debt levels in transition economies have risen by 25% relative to GDP since the financial crisis, yet there is still a huge gap in growth-friendly investment. Which financial tools could offer the region the diversified funding needed to support convergence?

Speakers: Çağatay Bircan, Zsolt Darvas and Hans Peter Lankes Topic: Finance & Financial Regulation, Global Economics & Governance Location: Bruegel, Rue de la Charité 33, 1210 Brussels Date: November 13, 2015
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Past Event

Capital Markets Union: what’s the vision for European debt capital markets?

After the launch of the Commission's Capital Markets Union action plan on September 30, what changes can be realistically expected in Europe’s debt capital markets over the next five to ten years?

Speakers: Harriett Baldwin MP, Nicolas Véron, Katharine Braddick, Colin Ellis, Martin Merlin, Stuart Anderson, Matt Cavanagh and Bruegel Topic: Finance & Financial Regulation Location: 100 Parliament Street, SW1A 2BQ Date: October 21, 2015
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From start-up to scale-up: fueling growth firms in Europe

While there has been an increased policy focus on start-ups, few of these firms are able to survive and grow longer term. It is the high-growth businesses, ones that are able to scale-up, which create jobs and economic growth, drive innovation and improve societies. What are the barriers for young innovative firms to scale up and how can they be addressed?

Speakers: Sherry Coutu, Thomas Hellmann, Dörte Höppner and Karen E. Wilson Location: Bruegel, Rue de la Charité 33, 1210 Brussels Date: September 29, 2015
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Marco Antonielli
Carlo Altomonte

Are capital markets the only friend of innovation?

Intangible assets are the key to growth in the knowledge economy, but innovative entrepreneurs can find it hard to secure the financing to kick-start their projects. The role of capital and credit markets in procuring funds for innovation is therefore crucial. 

By: Marco Antonielli and Carlo Altomonte Topic: Finance & Financial Regulation, Innovation & Competition Policy Date: March 19, 2014