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Sébastien Jean

Director, CEPII

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Past Event

Past Event

12th Asia Europe Economic Forum (AEEF)

This year's conference is entitled "Global Governance of Public Goods: Asian and European Perspectives".

Speakers: Chong-en Bai, Björn Conrad, Giancarlo Corsetti, Zsolt Darvas, Jean-Francois Di Meglio, Andreas Esche, Joseph Francois, He Fan, Kiyoto Ido, Sébastien Jean, Jun Zhang, Masahiro Kawai, Pascal Lamy, Il Houng Lee, Klaus Masuch, Yung Chul Park, Innwon Park, Mitsutsune Yamaguchi, Naoyuki Yoshino, Natacha Valla, Claude Blanchemaison, Jean Lemierre and Guntram B. Wolff Topic: Global Economics & Governance Location: France Stratégie, 18, rue Martignac, 75007 Paris, France Date: October 1, 2015
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External Publication

Deleveraging and global growth

Deleveraging and global growth

Paper based on the Asia Europe Economic Forum conference of 21-22 January 2013.

By: Jean Pisani-Ferry, Sébastien Jean, Helmut Hauschild, Masahiro Kawai, He Fan and Yung Chul Park Topic: Global Economics & Governance Date: April 24, 2013