Research team

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Research Fellow

Grégory Claeys

Expertise: Macroeconomics, monetary policy, European governance
Senior Fellow

Zsolt Darvas

Expertise: Macroeconomics, central banking and time series analysis.
Deputy Director, Bruegel

Maria Demertzis

Expertise: macroeconomics, monetary and financial stability, political economy
Affiliate Fellow

Konstantinos Efstathiou

Expertise: macroeconomics, European governance, International economics
Senior Fellow

Alicia García-Herrero

Expertise: Monetary policy, banking, China and emerging markets
Affiliate Fellow

Pia Hüttl

Expertise: macroeconomics, monetary policy, European political economy
Senior Fellow

J. Scott Marcus

Expertise: Digital agenda, telecommunications, innovation
Affiliate Fellow

Silvia Merler

Expertise: macroeconomics, european governance, ECB and monetary policy, international economics
Senior Fellow

Francesco Papadia

Expertise: European Macroeconomics
Research Fellow

Georgios Petropoulos

Expertise: industrial organization, competition policy, corporate finance, economic growth
Senior Fellow, Bruegel

André Sapir

Expertise: International economics, trade, european governance
Senior Fellow

Dirk Schoenmaker

Expertise: macro-finance, financial supervision and stability, banking, insurance, circular economy
Research Fellow

Simone Tagliapietra

Expertise: Energy Markets, Energy and Climate Policy, Neighborhood Policy
Affiliate Fellow

Alessio Terzi

Expertise: Structural reforms, EU Single Market, european goverance
Senior Fellow

Nicolas Véron

Expertise: Capital markets, financial services, foreign investment.
Senior Fellow

Reinhilde Veugelers

Expertise: Industrial organisation, innovation, science

Guntram B. Wolff

Expertise: european economy and governance, global macroeconomics and finance
Senior Fellow

Georg Zachmann

Expertise: Empirical microeconomics, Energy, Electricity Markets

Visiting scholars

Non resident scholars

Research assistants & interns