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Board and scientific council

The Board decides on strategy and adopts the research programme and budget. The Board does not bear responsibility for research results ‚ this remains with individual researchers, under the overall editorial oversight of the Director. Board members do not receive compensation from Bruegel.

The Scientific Council advises Bruegel and its Board on future research needs and provides feedback and evaluation on research ex post.  It consists of 8 individuals recognised internationally in the academic world.

The current Board, chaired by Jean-Claude Trichet, has 11 members, all with distinguished backgrounds in government, business, civil society, academia and media, and has term from 2017-2019.

The Chair of the scientific council, the Director, Guntram Wolff, the Deputy Director, Maria Demertzis and the Secretary General, Matt Dann, attend the Board meetings without voting rights.

Board members

Scientific council